Tempo in Life.

I am busy for few days in my professional assignment hence missed few days in blog calendar to remain blank. Yeah doesn’t look nice but that’s reality. Your livelihood and your hobby always clash. Many a times livelihood wins compare to hobby. After 9 long year’s association with one Organization, I decided to leave and join a new segment of business to find something new as I was started feeling complacent and no more current profile was encouraging me to think better and produce better.

So last two days my induction is happening to gel with this new marking team those who are roaring to fight market leaders. Isn’t it always a pleasure in giving shape to some untouched, deshaped, spoil canvas? The way artist join dots to give shape to his creative ideas, in leadership point of view same way a leader give shape to a new team by joining their thoughts and bringing a cohesion leads to congruence.

So what I decided today let me start my day little early so that in fresh mind I must write something that’s gives me pleasure and motivates me to think better. Morning messenger call from one of my from US also encouraged to wake-up early. Wanted to know when I changed and took this new assignment. Curious all my friends too. Always difficult to move out from comfort zone and start from scratch again. So for many of us it is better to continue and build castle but for me once I built something I need newer things to build again. Let’s the occupant enjoy my creation and that’s encourages me rethink, re-strategize, re-shape newer ideas and set tune to a new tempo in life. Like a straight line in ECG shows no electrical activity in brain which we call brain death, I’ve promised to my life don’t expect a straight line. This has to be full of challenges and my life has to adjust with same.

Little concerned with this viral episodes and till date we as a society finding it difficult to contain same. We are not expecting soon any virustatic or virucidal though entire medical fraternity across globe is trying hard to something to immunize society and protect mankind. I can’t speak about other countries but in India my countrymen always find some ways and means to disobey govt order and many of us never listen and we behave the way we find suitable and comfortable for us and we define them as our birth right which has been empowered us by our democracy and constitutional power. So in democratic setup you will always find difference of opinion in everything. Top of it so many political parties in our country so it is bound to have difference in opinion. Don’t know that’s great or worst but my observation suggest it is the only thing which is pulling this country down as there is no cohesion in thought process at all. Ruling parties they believe they are born to lead and others are bullshit and opposition as-usual born to oppose anything and everything your government decides. So this abnormal alignment in our society is pulling this country back. Rather progressing unitedly we remain there where we were and except limited verticals, we are not at all growing exponentially which everybody expects from us to grow being a young country.

Religion plays important role and no doubt about same in society. But as there are plenty of religion, cast and creeds, languages, dialects so difference in opinion bound to happen. We are learning no doubt and we also finding examples in other democratic setup to give some newer ideas to progress as a nation even though we are the largest democracy in World. I hope we will succeed in same and certainly we will fine tune chords to make symphony of life. Society evolves when a leader sets a perfect tempo to listen, dance, enjoy and progress. Expecting same from my countrymen and let my country do well and be the best always from our better.  

Three things learnt!!

It is not difficult for anyone to write. Provided one must try. Once you are ready with your laptop and word file open then automatically your finger starts describing something. Yes if you love to listen slow music or love to have a hot cup coffee or tea to enable your mind to focus and concentrate on some subject then its good. Otherwise you can have great blend of scotch like great writer Khuswant singh always do while writing to make himself submerged in topics of interest.

Yeah my instrumental music is on and that’s giving a soothing effect with a hot cup of coffee and snacks served by my darling. Several round of telephone calls in-between with friends giving little exercise to my vocal cord. Profession I am in usually my day starts with a meeting and day ends with days summery and discussion as long as your body permits to talk to others.

Some great changes has happened in last few days. Barring few calls from close circles almost all official calls dropped dramatically. Few video meetings and that to for a short period of time then it is your time to think and do something constructive. Enjoy time with grown up kids and listen to them, encourage them to indulge in some other activity apart from their study is always good as long as they buy your thoughts.

How human lifestyle changed during this lockdown period that’s what I was thinking and trying to recollect all those activities I was doing before and comparing same with phase going through now. At least 9 to 10 hours I was away from home for my work. Not less than 15 to 20 contacts to touch and discuss about your business proposition. Sometimes you skip lunch and late dinner and weekend party with alcohol and cigarettes. Extreme pollution in township, nasty traffic rush to maneuver while returning back to your home was part and parcel of life. Never ever thought I will get a phase like this to think and find myself which was completely lost somewhere to achieve objective set in business and for reward and recognition.

Yes earning is required and also reward and recognition. But not at the expense of sacrificing everything. Own human nature to call a human being probably gone missing and this lockdown due to covid-19 episode almost forced human civilization to think again the human aspect of life. Can’t say about others but learnt how to manage with less. Give respect to food items that’s arranged in great difficulties during this time. Talking to own pets as if they understand your sentiments and they also started behaving more friendly seeing you with them for more time and getting a smell of your body and trusting you. Both my rabbits now coming to me and sitting in my lap and sleeping with a trust which developed just within this period.

Many things covid-19 taken away from us. Economics gone, business gone, friends gone and gone so many human being those could have lived for little more in their life. But phase forced human society to learn three things even more, 1. Be human 2. Be humble 3. Be spiritual.  Lastly as Jane Goodall suggested do not interfere in animal kingdom. Don’t destroy their habitat. Don’t kill them and let all counties unitedly ban wildlife markets and don’t eat them like demon and stop viruses to jump to human.

New World!!

Not me alone awaiting something new to happen. Don’t want to take name of the infection which 165 countries going through now. How can we narrate the loss that has happened? Countries after countries, state after state, city after city infected and confined themselves behind their own gates. Locked down and afraid to move out apprehending to get infected. Even though someone is courageous to go out and explore but he or she must remember you might not be living for yourself only. There is someone somewhere dependent on you and your loss is irreparable.

Even in this tragedy mind ask how such advanced human community like us became so helpless? How a countries new year eve turned massacre for world. How food habits of one nation impacting now a days to others even far continents are not untouchable. Span of few days and month like eclipse this effect covered all nations and rays of hope diminished gradually forcing all nations to simply surrender and await something to happen good in future. I had gone through that period when our soldiers died during Kargil conflict and we didn’t have enough coffins with us to transport dead bodies to their respective homes for a respectful burial. Never wanted to see that again in this life. Seeing death and no’s even we can’t arrange a respectful burials for them. Own family members afraid and dead body lying in street in many countries and mass burial happening to protect rest of alive human beings.

It is almost 30 days of my life gone when every minute of human life is precious. I am happy that till now I am safe and spending time with my family. Keeping frustration and fear inside trying to encourage them, motivate them so that my kids can go through this phase without much difficulties. I’ve gone through major part of my life but worried for them, their future, their well-being, their happiness and their world.

Let there be a new beginning and new world where we can have control against this deadly diseases. Let us come together and join hand and throw all our enmity aside to find a solution for our newer generations


Not because I am following Discover Prompts so that getting a clue to write and kept the title as “Scent”, however any good picture I see which narrate me a story, I try to give a shape in composing my thoughts.  If I can touch readers internal chord through my writing probably that will be best thing I shall be doing in regular basis. I must confess these are stories which I am trying to narrate as if I am the character whereas reality is no way I am even close to the character and story narrated here is only for my readers. Yes learning the art of storytelling to reach you all.

It was my birthday. Rather I invite her for a dinner it was me who was invited for a dinner and everything was arranged, settled in an ambiance beyond my imagination. Half past 7pm in the evening, drizzling a bit outside which I can see through glass window of my office building. I can see the drops travelling against distance neon lights, swinging in breeze and dying to reach destination in 7th cross black pitch road of official complex.  Mesmerizing and loved waiting to see the dancing and swinging of water droplets when my phone ranged and it was her, waiting in basement.

Wanted to drive but She refused and drove herself giving a feeling of really a birthday boy and since morning all human beings behavior is so attractive and lovable making me speechless and happy. We drove and occasional honking from behind though essential but irritating in such a widened road. No word spoken except a birthday wish as if waited till we reach restaurant for candlelit dinner.

Almost 30min drive from office and we reached in our destination crisscross-symphony. Left car for parking and straight we proceed to our booked table. Little behind I observed her and her happiness in arranging everything for me with such perfection. Mesmerizing and speechless I followed her to table without even a single word to allow this happy moment simply sink in and stay within.

I was looking towards her before she ordered cake for me to celebrate my birthday. With the arrival of cake She advised hotel staff not to make it a big fuss rather allow us to celebrate in our own way without disturbing other guests around. Thinking how possessive she is about me and how much caring and giving so much perfection to all details to enjoy the moments to its fullest. Cut the cake without more delay and helped her to took a piece and awaiting a piece for me from her hand and that happen with a lovely affectionate kiss in forehead. Glass clinked with Champaign and my stomach was full with the affection and love shown by her.

Dinner over and we took a little walk in empty road to smell the scent of evening flowers just blossomed and freshen up with light drizzling and spreading fragrance to take my heart to a complete bliss!!. She drove me back to home and I was in my flash back of events happened in evening when car stopped in front of our home.

Before I enter into room she opened her handbag to give this purple bottle of scent needs to be untied and splashed to take both of us to eternity.


Evening little early I returned back to my room. Immensely satisfied day professionally however personally I was little tensed because last few days I didn’t here from her to understand situation at her end.

Slowly left my room and started walking to nearby sea beach which is not far from my room for a fresh air and find solace from the place where I spent almost entire leisure hours I get out of my hectic work schedule. Difficult to say why I love the place so much but evening fresh air, less crowded place, distance seagull whispers and my favorite place to sit with a cold beer in hand.

Few sips of beer and lost in my world to recollect wonderful moments spent with her in this beautiful place and feeling lonely today, without her. Told me that She is going for few days to her native place for some personal work. Normally we do not stay away from each other even though we work for different companies and in different sector. Evening usually we meet to return back to home together and to a place which we call home.

It is a living relationship for couple of years and even we wanted to convert same to a marriage for societal and family approval, hiccups in both the end making it unnecessarily delayed which making both of us strong in our commitments towards each other.

Wanted to spent some more time in thought process but evening swelling tides touched my feet to wake me up. Could clearly see evening glittering stars even though far away from me. Distance rhythmic bell sounds from temple along with prayer automatically made me surrender to almighty to sick blessing for mankind. I didn’t ask almighty anything for me or for my beloved. Only thing I always pray let this society behave sensibly so that everything existed in universe look beautiful, peaceful, and wonderful. 

Carrying sandals in my hand started slowly to walk in evening wet sand to leave my footprints so that I can come again to search them, to find them, to play with them.

Emptiness within.

Empty roads from my high rise building defining sadness, emptiness, sorrow and helplessness. As if this picture is self-sufficient to describe its story without help of anyone to pen down. Almost 25 days in home which this virus has given to all of us.  Wherever you go you must follow new order which is now a norm almost everywhere. Namaste from distance is the new way of greetings and that’s followed now by entire world. Of course Namaste is not new to us but this social distancing is new order and that’s creating some kind of emptiness within. Human society for survival must follow this social distancing and who knows this distancing which we call it now social may remain a word only without proper meaning of social or making us sociable.

Phone call from anyone is now a ritual to ask “is everything ok at your end”, No’s increasing or decreasing and whether people following basic rules or not. There is no doubt an unknown fear is in every bodies mind. We engage ourselves in different activities so that our mind must not think about this deaths happening around. Keeping quite means pictures of tragic end of many life is dancing in mind. Not only we are putting pressure on us, body language is reflecting some negative energy and that may harm our younger kids. For them something has gone wrong and now it is a summer holiday and along with their online classes they are getting time to watch TV, listen music and spending time with friends over phone and video calling. But as a parent you understand difficulties ahead. How can you sustain if this continues for a longer period of time. What about your job? How your company gong to behave in this extraordinary painful time?  If anything happen to you or you get infected how your family going to manage same. Sitting in terrace looking as far as I can trying to cool myself and helping to enjoy the emptiness. To find little solitude previously I used to spend money to go far away from hustle bustle of city life.  But this silence and solitude probably is too long to manage and may create other additional health issues if situation not revived early.

Wish to see normalcy as early possible. Let’s go to work, let’s enjoy company of friend’s, nearer and dearer. Which we all are missing since long. Oh god listen to prayer of entire universe and bless and help us to overcome this tragic phase. Give us power and courage to lead a normal life after this curse phase is over. Allow us to turn this concrete jungles to home again and have sound sleep after days hectic work.

Journey is ON.

Who doesn’t want to see Happiness across? Who doesn’t want see other’s Happy? Then what restrict to bring happiness and make others cheerful at-least? I owe to almighty for life given and for the wonderful profession assigned. Tremendous opportunity in meeting so many new identities and taking an initiation to develop a wonderful relation with them is not only challenging but satisfying in many aspects.  

After 9 long years of association with my current organization I thought time has come to say good bye to find a new challenge which will enhance my skills further. Every minute and second was enjoyable and learning curve was great for me in current assignment. However before complacency sets in and create distraction I took this challenge of finding new assignment which will create enthusiasm and force me to think better. They say necessity is the mother of all inventions. However challenging your current status quo helps you to invent yourself more. Doing same thing repeatedly makes you perfect in your work however newer dimension is don’t allow yourself to be perfect as that feeling of perfect means you put yourself in some closed bracket rather fight to better the best always.  

In life probably nothing is wrong or nothing is right in absolute terms. Sometimes your decision gets good result for your organization and for you and sometimes it’s not. However one should try always to give or do best. Evening I was going through a book where I found, “Operational excellence of your company only benefits you till that’s not copied or implemented by your competitor in totality”. Probably that’s the reason many Japanese established companies struggling today as their effectiveness being copied by many other companies worldwide and they lost competitiveness. So evolution process is continuous and you can’t sit in rest even you reached top.  In marketing when operational excellence is being followed by most of your competitors and product line is almost same, benefits to customers equal then what’s newer thing one need to adapt to create a differentiation? If the same can be correlated with human life, then we may earn plenty, we may reach top of world but internally we r t not have satisfaction unless we create our own identity. That’s the process probably every individual must think and find answer in their profession or personal journey.

Last two decades of successful journey in life compelling me to take action today so that coming decade or two of my journey, both professional and personal, must be ensured successful. My believe system encourage me to create future leaders as they are our tomorrow. Unless you produce young Turks those who are absolutely not afraid to take challenges in this century then coming years may not yield you great result. Once you are successful in doing that don’t sit in that position rather find a way out and find something new for yourself. My Journey is on and it will continue to create better human being and better leaders for my industry and for my profession which I love most.

Newness in Life.

Like many of you I too inside my home and awaiting things to be changed so that we all can go out and start our work the way we were doing before.

Simple isn’t it? Yes it was simple few days back. What so great about this proposition? But ask anyone now. This optimistic speculation of re-starting our work in coming few days is not substantially creating optimism and reply to the same is not that convincing from anyone. True situation is as such where no one can say anything. Almost all of us facing same issues of infection and impossible task ahead rather than controlling no’s which can create a bit enthusiasm.

Even then there is ray of hope. Hope to overcome this tragedy. Hope to forget the loss and zoom ahead in life. Hope to rebuilt as a family, as a society, as a country. Many of us started rethinking and given enough time for a soul searching. Mistakes we were doing as a society and we should and we must avoid the same in future is what going to make all of us more intelligent and brilliant to face challenges in our life. Mandatory to travel to attain meeting, must come for project meeting as without one-to-one discussions we may not get satisfactory conclusion. We need to meet and decide road-map ahead. Let’s spend some quality and productive time together to find a new solutions, Lets brainstorm to find newer ideas. These types and category of mails seems lost it relevance once this corona phase is over.

Certainly we will be traveling but less. Means more time, money & energy saving. Meaningless meetings will be losing its significance. Unnecessary stay, traveling, fooding everything seems to be revisited again to remind us that yes same productivity can also be possible with low expenses. There are sector where it is not possible to change but they are also going to give a look how to manage show as loss is so huge during this phase that extravagant leverage to find easy solutions to a difficult problems seems gone. Techno savvy will be no more words or to show others gadgets rather one must be proficient to use technology in day to day basis to enjoy or score points above competition.  In one to one business deals or interactions where physical presence is a must there will be less time available. Hence one need to have improved skills for business proficiency. Overall this lockdown phase though taken many things away from us, forced us to be more skillful, knowledgeable, smart and humble. Let us utilize this worst phase to restructure, re-emerged stronger than before.   

Your Blessings!!


Good Evening.

I am in Indore during this lock-down phase and from Balcony I thought to take the picture of this beautiful temple Shri Vaishnav Dham. Last few days no one allowed to visit or roam around in street. Hardly 1 km away from my home but taking blessing of almighty from distance. Lonely roads, no commuters and somewhat feeling restless inside own home. 

These viral episodes and suffering of mankind is probably a signal which need to be read and understood. Thousands and thousands died in so called developed countries. As a developing country it is obvious we can not manage the rudra rupa,(Devastating) phase. Entire system challenged. Entire society feeling helplessness. Top of it religious congregation, spreading infection to almost length and breadth of country astoundingly forced to think what are we doing? Entire human civilization is at risk and if this type of episodes continued every year then who knows how many of us survive to think for future. 

Surrender yourself completely to almighty. Take his blessing and lets change our way of living the way we are doing now. May God Bless us!! 

New Horizon

Lockdown encouraged to learn something new which i never tried before. Website domain purchase whether it is go daddy or WordPress. Learning basics and utilizing features given inside to explore and project some newer ideas seems interesting. However without basic technical knowledge it seems difficult and same work needs to be done by experimenting and learning the art of placing modules and blocks as it is called in WordPress. I am having no coding knowledge so utilizing this platform to design my own a bit difficult. Still continuing with the experimentation so that I can learn and utilize time.

Yesterday in India almost all states agreed to increase the lockdown period till end of April’20.  Means it is almost 20 more day one need to sit in home and not allowed to go outside. In India we are observing the death toll in US, UK, Spain, Italy & France. This dance of death in human civilization never observed before. In wartime it was and it is a maniac behavior to kill your enemies. But today we simply get infected with contacts of unknown infected person and wait to die if not taken care off by health care practitioners. We have money, time, facility and what not but lack of treatment option or vaccine to prevent or certain protocol to cure yourself seems a distant dream. Matter getting more worsen with geo-political tussle between countries and it is difficult to understand whether this virus taken life of few millions is manmade or infected by animal flesh eaters.

Question arises, if this is manmade then what? And if this is infected by animal meat or bat bird or any abnormal eating habits by human society then what? No more one can say it is personal rituals, traditions or inherited cultures. One is having no right to say so in today’s world as entire world is one now. This universe is ours. Its protection is our responsibility. Saving our next generation is our duty. Human civilization travelled long distance and achieved so many glorious moments during this journey. This can’t be trashed or erased by few in-sensible countries or abnormal human behavior.

Unitedly need to re-think way forward. All these viruses given to us from animals by human those having animal tendency and behavior. Never been to these medieval places where they eat all stuffs available in universe. Not going to give examples as thinking same making me sick. Hence can we have worldwide protocol for food habits? Can all countries follow same? If not followed then what action needs to be taken against them. Who is going to take this action? Can we be united in this subject or behave the way we are behaving now and become history. This initiation needs to be begin today and from now. Eat sensibly, work sensibly and behave sensibly has to be our new mantra. You can’t eat for your pleasure to extinct others. Your new-year must not be a doomsday for others. Your pleasantries must not be a curse for others. Your deadly viruses must not be source of our death. Before human civilization extinct, let’s take a call today for a new horizon and a better world.