Trust Advice!!

Hi citizens, Humble request as a citizen please follow the order given by Government on lock-down. We are in horrible situation where infected no’s gone past 7000 and difficult to predict how many more can be infected. This is not the time for blame-game rather listen and obey, for you and for society and for country.

We do not know how many families and how as country we will be ruined. No one can predict the damage going to happen before normalcy happen. Till then listen and act as a good human being and as a good citizen. All the Best.

My views!!

If you want to see results in leading a team, 1st thing you need to do is to build an effective team.

Yes if you are associated with project in beginning then it is for you to hand pick persons by interviewing and taking proper feedback and by your own observation and analysis. But if you joined in-between then certainly you take some time to understand each character. You too take time to understand yourself and adapt new pattern of things that you face and your assignment may differ from previous one and your style you need to change faster and you search how to establish your learning from your previous experiences in new platform and how quickly that’s going to happen.

Probably as leader that’s where many of us does mistakes. In process of bringing result faster, we also start doing many things without understanding and analyzing. So take time and do some dryrun to understand flow. It is better to utilize time in drawing board to understand the flow rather taking break each time and returning back to drawing board to find answer. Of course there will be issues with meticulously planned and   researched objective but to address realtime issues you are empowered as you have understood the entire flow perfectly. Little fine tune here and there and you are ready to go again.  

How seriously we take time for a proper selection of new colleagues those need to be assigned a job to be done. Is it a crisis selection or thorough process adapted during selection? Many leadership gurus said if there is a faulty entry then be ready to face consequences surely. If selection is good then one need not to be worried too much in end result. Believe in concept of OQP, only quality people. Don’t complain rather take time for selection.

Encourage entire team to understand the expectation from them. Many a times we fail to build a wonderful team because of only one reason. As a leader if our expectation is ‘Z’ from my colleague and my colleague doesn’t even know my expectation or doesn’t have requisite knowledge to operate in that space, then there will be a serious mismatch. So to whom will you blame? As a leader it is you who need to be held responsible or our colleague who does his work as per skill set or his abilities. Self-improvement is a daily affairs. There is no booster dose available and take today your developmental milestone going to be achieved till certain week or month overs. No and that need to be explained, educated, guided, coached and need to be have adaption. This process takes time and requires immense patience. Probably that’s the reason we always give emphasis to experience over in-experience as most of us doesn’t have time to build a team rather we search 2 minutes readymade solutions to issues in hand.

My experience suggests, once you identified issues and found that process is incorrect and needs intervention, just take course correction rather waiting and expecting things to be changed without intervention. Those vital time where you need to take a call, if not taken immediately, you lost golden opportunity to set the things in correct way. Golden rule which needs to be followed and fixed in believe system is nothing is available in platter for you. Need to arrange everything for your meal. By giving this understanding to mind, you encourage to take control of situation, to lead in better way, to fix issues and move ahead rather complaining or hangover of previous success. Dedicated to all those young leaders want to become a good leader and objective is to encourage them to read, learn and implement. Remember you can only call yourself a leader, when you have followers and followers only follow someone when they have trust to learn something from you. So if you are blank, your positional values may give authority to maneuver for limited period of time and no guarantee you will manage for a longer period of time.  Remember as a leader your best asset is your communication. Learn the same in daily basis because once you open your mouth, you tell the world who YOU are.

Obscuring Faces!!

While taking stroll in my balcony with intention of little exercise, to sweat out so that have a relaxed evening with free muscles and free mind, suddenly a question came to mind, even if entire world declare we are free from infection, still few months we all take precautions of wearing masks in public. Who knows it may be norm by many governments and may be mandatory to wear mask in public.

Profession where I am sometime I observe my dr’s wearing masks either entering ICU, OT or just returned from ICU or finishing OT. For them it was always mandatory and probably they are habituated since their study days and may not face any difficulties. Even one of my doc to whom I am meeting since long, sits in outpatient chamber wearing mask. This is not for last one month or two month or one year or two year. Observing him for last 9 years with mask on even while meeting industry executives. So for him this is absolutely normal. Nor normal for many of us and even for them also. Masks restricted to ICU or OT may stay obscuring their faces till they reach safety of home.

Last 30 days almost many of us not even gone outside once from your compound with a fear or with restrictions to obey. Once lockdown ceased and we are allowed to go outside just thinking how the life will be? Feeling awkward and restless. Amount of time you spent outside of your home with any professional or personal work or team interaction each one of us will be having face covered and varieties of mask with different colors will leave moments which will be really scary.

All those lovely, beautiful faces can only be seen in their own mirror. That evening parties or get-together probably lose its beauty. Meetings and any new ideas in one to one interaction with a glass of beer seems gone till normalization. Your voices also going to lose it sweetness as that has to be passed through a three layered mask. You can only open your mask or face covers when you are sure there will be no one around and just to wipe sweat or to have few sips of water to quench or thirst. What about those morning and evening snacks stalls and how the places going to lose its luster if we didn’t recover from this epidemic fully. May be that evening crowded markets will be having new norms. May be malls those who are encouraging to visit on weekends for more footfalls have restricted entry. May be we have advance booking for our marketing also. May be cinema halls going to be closed forever. May be they will be changing sitting arrangement with protected glass chamber with own fresh ventilated air circulation, may be our travel restriction will delay all our works, may be decision making processes will face extraordinary delay.We may manage everything with gradual adaptation and move on with restricted footsteps which was simply flying previously and as if chained in virus chains which has curtailed our speed.

While painfully I was writing this, my wife came and told news flash that Rajwada, Chhapan, places of maximum attractions not only for young masses but for old persons like me to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and mouthwatering evening Indori snacks along with Malls, cinema hall going to be closed for coming three months as directed by local administration. 17th May lockdown may be extended up-to month end.

Question is can we go back to those old times where everything seems normal and we all were enjoying our time so lovingly. If this continued many may lost many things but the most precious things which we all will be losing is our smiley faces, our happiness, our warm friendly hugs and that shining beautiful city life and human warmth. It will be certainly not the end of everything but may alive behind face obscuring masks which they say new normal and that can only be felt individually with social distancing.

New Normal!!

Friends be ready after lockdown is over along with your regular expenses you need to add the following essentially essentials for safety and survival.

  • N-95 for outside and regular budgeted for home and inside your compound.


Average one N-95 cost Rs. 300/- and one individual need minimum 10 to manage in a month in highly conservative way. If you can use washable, cotton mask then cost will be little less. But question is can you use cotton one? So average cost/person/month  = Rs. 3000/-

  • Sanitizer,While going outside. Two adults and two kids. Four 100ml per week and monthly expense 16@50-Rs. 800. Home 500ml two family size Cost – 2@250ml Rs. 500 . Nitrile Gloves average two per person per month cost – 8@300 Cost 2400/-

So total extra cost after new normal is = Rs. 6700/-. Let’s conservatively make it to 5k and this will be additional expense as covid gift till we get vaccinated or immunized. For many 5k is small but you need to check whether this amount is OK or a burden every month. Silently be ready to spend this much minimum for protection. Yes for me it is also a cost and need to do for survival

Let’s Ask!!

Dont know after this pandemic we will try to reach Mars or spent money in healthcare. Need Bullet train, or more money to be held for free transport of thousands workers returning to their state. More jobs creations in own countries or going abroad, getting infected and pleading for help to return back. Domino’s, KFC or own Dal & Rice, Shake hand or own Namaste, Namaskar or Namaskaram and Adabarj ho. Spiritualism, soul searching or bravado, enemity.
Nuclear destruction or research to save mankind. Social distancing to live or in crowded liquor line to hav chemical kick and death. Let’s ask.

‘Wish I could’

After every hectic day and after a refreshing shower when I breath normally I only spend time to read. Read as many as i can and wish I could go on and on and on. I know my job ask me to take a good night sleep for an energetic tomorrow. Even then I read as many as i can and wish I could go many more. Tired eyes and drained body though not allow to continue still i force to read to get happiness and wish I could go on and on.

Putting your brand in top up mind of your customer and expecting to be recommended is not an easy job. I should read branding, advertisement and pricing and positioning. But I read many articles which touch my heart and create a place in occupied mind and appreciate the thoughts of lovable bloggers those who blogged almost daily basis and inspire millions like me and impose an encouragement to read more and write more.

Again I wish I could give more time to read and write and wish I could go on and on and on to satisfy my soul indulge in an activity which of course gives me my sustainability. Few words may not depict a picture I wanted to have, may not narrate my feelings even then satisfy the urge to write something. I wish I could go on and on and on writing for me and for you as I love same.

Sunday Thoughts!!.

We might not get everything we fight for, but everything we get will be a fight. “Frederick Douglass”

Mr. Douglass had quoted this quote but so true in every aspects. Can we get everything we fight for or can we get anything without a fight?

Once you born you start growing up, parents support, family supports nearer and dearer and you grow up. Your education starts and you continue to learn newer things till you become a graduate from any specialization. If you have entrepreneur abilities you start your own startups other you sale your abilities to produce result for others which we called organization or company. Once you start earning you are in pressure to do a marriage then kids and you reach to the point to see your childhood days during growing up stage of your kids.  If you are little liberal you don’t pressurize your kids to be extraordinarily talented but if you have highly ambitious and your ambition failed to take lift during your career suddenly that became priority and you thrust your dreams on your kids shoulder to see your dreams successful without understanding their needs.

Dreams of yours if achieved by you then you call it a wonderful life cycle otherwise you start telling others in each platform wherever you get opportunity, actual you know I wanted to do this and do that etc etc. That hunger or obsession remains with you throughout till you start learning how to make yourself happy with whatever available rather un-happy with whatever not available. No doubt money is required and for survival that’s the only medium available which is exchanged day in day out in society for social upliftment. It is difficult always to accept reality. With your effort and available resources and normal intelligence whatever possible in your way you have done that. So your earning is outcome of your utilization of resources available and your direct intelligence utilized to ensure your productivity. With this input you are supposed to have certain output. So to expect more output with limited input is the point of discontent in life. Once this is learnt or accepted never ever there will be an internal fight rather every situation, every small earning or big earning going to give you happiness because you started to accept and adapt the outcome in your benefit.

You might not get everything you fight for is true and valid if you are not manipulative and you are a normal human being. Manipulators fight to get everything possible and by any means. When your process of accumulation to make yourself rich sidelined all values, suddenly you find societal revolt against these accumulators of resources, money, power and society automatically stabilizes either throwing out few from power centers or many a times punishing or killing greedy personalities. Then the other part of quotation seems so true, that is, everything we get will be a fight, truly is a fight.

This is what we observed in Middle Eastern counties, result is in front of us and still they are believing in whatever you get is fight and fight is on to get what they want. Entire humanity spoiled and great civilization ruined in dust with fights to get everything they want to and determined to get that killing thousands. Not only Middle East but everywhere in world the same believe system is continuing and seems not going to end ever.

Hence for survival of human civilization our believe system needs to have a drastic change. Do not divide this human kingdom in name of religion. Do not enforce your religious believe system on other or other countries. Do not divide or create various inter religion sects. If you are a Hindu or Muslim, you are simply Hindu or Muslim as per your religious believe. Don’t try to thrust I am great and my God is great. Let your God is great along with my God. That’s has to be accepted and needs to be accepted as-fast-as possible before further damage. Let our complex caste system evolve and simplified. Let these religious preachers be educated and learn humanity first then religion. I get perplexed seeing the behavior of entire world. Have you all forgotten the death of Alan Kurdi, little boy, drowned in Mediterranean Sea, Have you forgotten thousands died in poisonous gas in Syria, have you forgotten worldwide hostages beheaded by ISIS or Malaysians missing aircraft still there is a wait in family, 170 death in Muscow theater attack and numerous vehicle stampede, knife attacks and in my own country Kashmiri pundits death in Kashmir and thereafter complete ethnic cleansing and still struggling to return back to their homeland. Have we all forgotten Somali civil war and atrocities of Al-Shabaab. Have we all forgotten death of thousands in Ethiopia, Eritrean war, have we forgotten Bangladesh independence and atrocities on entire population? If I can start counting all these human losses and tragedy then it will be a never ending list. But we citizens of various countries still searching answers to these conflicts and we could never find answer to these conflicts or solutions to these issues.  

Yes entire world indulged in various atrocities which could have been avoided for peaceful coexistence but unfortunately we are not learning from our past mistakes. Even Covid pandemic when stalled entire world, still there is political fight amongst us and we are not united. Let good sense prevail to avoid future holocaust. Let’s emerge as a society together and everything we want to get can be possible without a fight, peacefully with great human values.

Grateful for Opportunities

Few days back I joined my new company to take newer assignment in lockdown period. Grateful for opportunity, to come out from comfort zone and do something different and evolve as a human being. Accepted this challenge to lead a young and big team as a team Builder and leader. Is it easy to lead a team in this critical phase where job of your team is to visit to your customers and promote benefit of your products to generate business? One may say what’s difficult in this to generate business and you can reach customer over telephone or video conferencing. It was difficult earlier as our believe system always encouraged us to meet and greet people in person to create a human relationship. Not much help taken earlier of all the gadgets available however it is a reality in my own place and work environment now. Need adaptability and we are ready for the same.

Yes community gradually venturing into digital phase and adapting all this technology which was difficult earlier. But not now. This difficult phase created a situation which forced everyone to adapt and move ahead. Before pandemic telemedicine was a platform for only rich patients and those can afford. Overnight everybody understood the benefit of telemedicine. Virtual clinics, e-appoint, e-consultation, cashless transaction and e-promotion is going to stay and flourish. Faster business platforms adapt it is better for them otherwise they will certainly left behind in the race.

Just going through an article how India will be the next manufacturing hub and how we can manage our growth and our setbacks once this lockdown phase is over. Yes that is possible in India as we fought this pandemic and we could able to control the infection compare to many developed countries with our limited resources. Certainly we are more immune to virus compare to many other countries.  They say it is our climatic advantage along with simple living and simple food habits and our cooking style will be of immense help. Behind everything our culture and tradition which makes this county moving for thousand years without dumping its identity against odds.

Difficult phase requires enormous amount of compassion and patience to encourage individuals to carry positivity along with them. When your neighbors are infected and quarantined and from distance you only can counsel and console them, death in family where you cannot even allowed to give your last respect and can’t visit to crematorium,  there is some bold human being who come forward and take charges in this phase to console each of them. He or She may be tremendous pain but keeping everything inside they face the challenges and manage everything. In good times anyone can lead and bring you success. Difficult times required extraordinary leaders those who can carry the team with them in path of success. Probably this pandemic is one of its kind in my life time which has forced me re-think and change as fast as possible in all aspects like personal, social and professional.

I am sure once we overcome this phase and get liberty to breathe openly without protection of mask, will be a re-birth for entire mankind. Trust which has shattered will again rebuild. Again we all can believe in our ability and willingness to grow and empower society. However we must admit that virus of milimicron can infect us and can kill millions within no-time, unless we engage and develop lifestyles that can protect us. If a Bat bird can carry these viruses, developed immune system to fight, we human beings can develop immunity to those viruses provided we do not disturb the habitats and we do not kill and eat them We also can take action in all these biological workstation those in the name of protecting mankind may be involved in some kind of weapons of mass destruction. It is always said, give liberty, space and peace of mind to individual to produce result for you, same way let’s liberate our planet from complicated pathways to much simpler one for our own survival.


Yes, long years of togetherness. 22nd years of marriage anniversary. Thought to write and dedicate my love to my lovely wife in a different way. She knows I love to write and express. Though my marriage is of 22 years but wonderful relationship is almost 24 years. Our bond of marriage has traveled this journey of 22 years. Gives immense sense of satisfaction. We traveled together this long journey. Difficult to express even how much I love her because in all my difficulties she stood like pillar to support me.

Yes we blessed with two lovely kids and they are grown up quite well too. Sensible and matured and moreover good human beings which I always wanted both of them should be. Sense of belongingness and a culture of caring, sharing, humble with humility. Both my kids grown up now and they don’t forget our anniversary to express their lovely wishes to feel both of us proud.

It is indeed a quite satisfactory journey of togetherness and we simply enjoyed this journey. No such big planning and very simple way of living that’s given both of us happiness to live together and managing family so well.

I am sure our love and affection and respect towards each other will only grow with passing time and many more anniversary to be celebrated in this journey of life. May God bless mankind and our family.

Elixir of Life…

Morning tweet to my friends, I suggested let’s forget religion and politics, consciously for few month and make this world beautiful even during Covid time.

Yes I really mean it when I say so. This is not first time told or I am not the patent holder for the statement that I am saying this. There is a reason why I say so. Life became hell out of politics and politics became a deadly corona combo when mixed with religion. We trumpeted religion though so many religious leader and almost all of them failed to unite society rather I found there is a competition amongst themselves to strengthen their clans and ultimately it is class of clans only rather religion.

Has anyone understood what religion is? Believe me very few. Obviously one can ask why I can say so with so much conviction and confidence. Let me prove same that we do not understand religion independently as a seeker or tried to understand through religious teachers. So religion a subject of love, sacrifice, empathy, trust, and help became more harmful rather making individual’s good Samaritan. Reason is our religion has not getting evolved and we still follow age old traditions and continually following same without even thinking whether it is good at current scenario or not. Many now come forward and argue that no dear my understating about religion is poor so I am spending time teaching other about religion. If my understanding about a religion is really poor let it be as even I am fifty years old I am happy and enjoying my religious believe without interference or superimposing my thoughts to other. For me religion has simply helped to become a simply human and that’s encouraged me design my blog and give my site name simplyhuman.in. As many a times I narrated my job profile allow me to mix with varieties of people across religion and many a times with discussions, apart from my business discussions, we have congruence opinion about religion. However my observation suggest when those individual left you and your peer group where all sorts of good thoughts and knowledge shared and floated and discussed, argued however agreed, they behave differently when you again meet them after few days or month. Interestingly they say let’s not discuss politics or religion and let’s talk sense and business only.

This statement of let’s talk business rather politics or religion means keeping issues under carpet. Like volcanic eruption these emotions erupted out once in a while in-terms of communal hatred, loot, murder and subsides gradually to be erupted again. Now seriously think why and where this simple thoughts and simple living getting distorted. Who is distorting these thoughts? Why this emotional outburst in society if we understand religion?  

Then comes politics. Can anyone say what benefit society as a whole we got believing or showing our affinity to any political ideas? I am not a political science student to understand scientific activity of politics but those are political science students and those are professor of political science must revisit their study table even they passed out long back. None of them could able to create a cohesion in society but their study created serious difference in opinion in society and that understanding gap is increasing day by day and probably cross its limit of elasticity and may not return back to reshape societal political coherence. So to whom we should blame? To all those leaders called them great political leaders and dividing society as per their convenience and thinks suits to them only or we as a society without understanding benefit creating the process through mandate. I’ve lost confidence in those process after going through all these episodes of corruption and that is forcing me to rethink, re-strategize our processes so that we can establish correct political setup. As a society let’s evolve and create a process where elected leaders must behave as per the developmental milestones designed and with accountability rather ideas is only to divide and conquer. Let’s individually do something great if we really want to bring changes, peace and harmony in society.


Morning web meeting was in time and usually we discuss current business trend and way out during this covid-19 phase. Understood and taken note and thought to call it a day rather stretching meeting.

Closed my laptop and wanted to take a break from thinking this issues repeatedly without having any concrete answer to problems.

  • Question arises, when this lockdown phase will be over?
  •  Till this is over what we can plan to do?
  • Can we plan virtual activity to engage few customers?
  • Do we have action plan ready to address immediate post lockdown phase?
  • Action points once lockdown completely over and thereafter follow ups.

Easy to mention but so difficult to find answer to this speculative points. All are interlinked and if one is not addressed properly next phase seems difficult to progress.

In this crucial phase managing a company is so difficult. Almost a month like my company there are many those who have completely shut down their operation. Manufacturing stopped, marketing stopped, logistics stopped. So with limited resources, there will be cash crunch and unless there is liquidity to manage team functioning is really difficult.

They say you need crunch time in your life that cleanse your soul and system. Probably this time was awaited in mankind to think and learn and strategize future endeavors. No one ever predicted a pandemic of this nature even though we have gone through few like Spanish Flu and Ebola. Covid-19 simply beat them all. Not only infected but created a society where mankind started believing a defeat even though few wonderful organization still in process to find vaccine to contain this virus.

Friends, water bubble bursts. Our pretty economic adventure got stalled. Except Chinese we do not see major economic to bounce before a substantial time period. This is time I believe lets strengthen each other hand. Let’s cooperate each other both internally and externally to fight back. Thousands and thousands are already jobless. Everyday morning I am hearing the plight of daily workers. Unless we come forward and support can we overcome this phase. With such difficult question in mind I thought let me close this note for my readers to guide and help society and poor economic strata wherever they are and whichever way they want to help them. Let’s join hand to overcome this phase.