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If you want to see results in leading a team, 1st thing you need to do is to build an effective team.

Yes if you are associated with project in beginning then it is for you to hand pick persons by interviewing and taking proper feedback and by your own observation and analysis. But if you joined in-between then certainly you take some time to understand each character. You too take time to understand yourself and adapt new pattern of things that you face and your assignment may differ from previous one and your style you need to change faster and you search how to establish your learning from your previous experiences in new platform and how quickly that’s going to happen.

Probably as leader that’s where many of us does mistakes. In process of bringing result faster, we also start doing many things without understanding and analyzing. So take time and do some dryrun to understand flow. It is better to utilize time in drawing board to understand the flow rather taking break each time and returning back to drawing board to find answer. Of course there will be issues with meticulously planned and   researched objective but to address realtime issues you are empowered as you have understood the entire flow perfectly. Little fine tune here and there and you are ready to go again.  

How seriously we take time for a proper selection of new colleagues those need to be assigned a job to be done. Is it a crisis selection or thorough process adapted during selection? Many leadership gurus said if there is a faulty entry then be ready to face consequences surely. If selection is good then one need not to be worried too much in end result. Believe in concept of OQP, only quality people. Don’t complain rather take time for selection.

Encourage entire team to understand the expectation from them. Many a times we fail to build a wonderful team because of only one reason. As a leader if our expectation is ‘Z’ from my colleague and my colleague doesn’t even know my expectation or doesn’t have requisite knowledge to operate in that space, then there will be a serious mismatch. So to whom will you blame? As a leader it is you who need to be held responsible or our colleague who does his work as per skill set or his abilities. Self-improvement is a daily affairs. There is no booster dose available and take today your developmental milestone going to be achieved till certain week or month overs. No and that need to be explained, educated, guided, coached and need to be have adaption. This process takes time and requires immense patience. Probably that’s the reason we always give emphasis to experience over in-experience as most of us doesn’t have time to build a team rather we search 2 minutes readymade solutions to issues in hand.

My experience suggests, once you identified issues and found that process is incorrect and needs intervention, just take course correction rather waiting and expecting things to be changed without intervention. Those vital time where you need to take a call, if not taken immediately, you lost golden opportunity to set the things in correct way. Golden rule which needs to be followed and fixed in believe system is nothing is available in platter for you. Need to arrange everything for your meal. By giving this understanding to mind, you encourage to take control of situation, to lead in better way, to fix issues and move ahead rather complaining or hangover of previous success. Dedicated to all those young leaders want to become a good leader and objective is to encourage them to read, learn and implement. Remember you can only call yourself a leader, when you have followers and followers only follow someone when they have trust to learn something from you. So if you are blank, your positional values may give authority to maneuver for limited period of time and no guarantee you will manage for a longer period of time.  Remember as a leader your best asset is your communication. Learn the same in daily basis because once you open your mouth, you tell the world who YOU are.

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