Obscuring Faces!!

While taking stroll in my balcony with intention of little exercise, to sweat out so that have a relaxed evening with free muscles and free mind, suddenly a question came to mind, even if entire world declare we are free from infection, still few months we all take precautions of wearing masks in public. Who knows it may be norm by many governments and may be mandatory to wear mask in public.

Profession where I am sometime I observe my dr’s wearing masks either entering ICU, OT or just returned from ICU or finishing OT. For them it was always mandatory and probably they are habituated since their study days and may not face any difficulties. Even one of my doc to whom I am meeting since long, sits in outpatient chamber wearing mask. This is not for last one month or two month or one year or two year. Observing him for last 9 years with mask on even while meeting industry executives. So for him this is absolutely normal. Nor normal for many of us and even for them also. Masks restricted to ICU or OT may stay obscuring their faces till they reach safety of home.

Last 30 days almost many of us not even gone outside once from your compound with a fear or with restrictions to obey. Once lockdown ceased and we are allowed to go outside just thinking how the life will be? Feeling awkward and restless. Amount of time you spent outside of your home with any professional or personal work or team interaction each one of us will be having face covered and varieties of mask with different colors will leave moments which will be really scary.

All those lovely, beautiful faces can only be seen in their own mirror. That evening parties or get-together probably lose its beauty. Meetings and any new ideas in one to one interaction with a glass of beer seems gone till normalization. Your voices also going to lose it sweetness as that has to be passed through a three layered mask. You can only open your mask or face covers when you are sure there will be no one around and just to wipe sweat or to have few sips of water to quench or thirst. What about those morning and evening snacks stalls and how the places going to lose its luster if we didn’t recover from this epidemic fully. May be that evening crowded markets will be having new norms. May be malls those who are encouraging to visit on weekends for more footfalls have restricted entry. May be we have advance booking for our marketing also. May be cinema halls going to be closed forever. May be they will be changing sitting arrangement with protected glass chamber with own fresh ventilated air circulation, may be our travel restriction will delay all our works, may be decision making processes will face extraordinary delay.We may manage everything with gradual adaptation and move on with restricted footsteps which was simply flying previously and as if chained in virus chains which has curtailed our speed.

While painfully I was writing this, my wife came and told news flash that Rajwada, Chhapan, places of maximum attractions not only for young masses but for old persons like me to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and mouthwatering evening Indori snacks along with Malls, cinema hall going to be closed for coming three months as directed by local administration. 17th May lockdown may be extended up-to month end.

Question is can we go back to those old times where everything seems normal and we all were enjoying our time so lovingly. If this continued many may lost many things but the most precious things which we all will be losing is our smiley faces, our happiness, our warm friendly hugs and that shining beautiful city life and human warmth. It will be certainly not the end of everything but may alive behind face obscuring masks which they say new normal and that can only be felt individually with social distancing.

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