New Normal!!

Friends be ready after lockdown is over along with your regular expenses you need to add the following essentially essentials for safety and survival.

  • N-95 for outside and regular budgeted for home and inside your compound.


Average one N-95 cost Rs. 300/- and one individual need minimum 10 to manage in a month in highly conservative way. If you can use washable, cotton mask then cost will be little less. But question is can you use cotton one? So average cost/person/month  = Rs. 3000/-

  • Sanitizer,While going outside. Two adults and two kids. Four 100ml per week and monthly expense 16@50-Rs. 800. Home 500ml two family size Cost – 2@250ml Rs. 500 . Nitrile Gloves average two per person per month cost – 8@300 Cost 2400/-

So total extra cost after new normal is = Rs. 6700/-. Let’s conservatively make it to 5k and this will be additional expense as covid gift till we get vaccinated or immunized. For many 5k is small but you need to check whether this amount is OK or a burden every month. Silently be ready to spend this much minimum for protection. Yes for me it is also a cost and need to do for survival

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