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We might not get everything we fight for, but everything we get will be a fight. “Frederick Douglass”

Mr. Douglass had quoted this quote but so true in every aspects. Can we get everything we fight for or can we get anything without a fight?

Once you born you start growing up, parents support, family supports nearer and dearer and you grow up. Your education starts and you continue to learn newer things till you become a graduate from any specialization. If you have entrepreneur abilities you start your own startups other you sale your abilities to produce result for others which we called organization or company. Once you start earning you are in pressure to do a marriage then kids and you reach to the point to see your childhood days during growing up stage of your kids.  If you are little liberal you don’t pressurize your kids to be extraordinarily talented but if you have highly ambitious and your ambition failed to take lift during your career suddenly that became priority and you thrust your dreams on your kids shoulder to see your dreams successful without understanding their needs.

Dreams of yours if achieved by you then you call it a wonderful life cycle otherwise you start telling others in each platform wherever you get opportunity, actual you know I wanted to do this and do that etc etc. That hunger or obsession remains with you throughout till you start learning how to make yourself happy with whatever available rather un-happy with whatever not available. No doubt money is required and for survival that’s the only medium available which is exchanged day in day out in society for social upliftment. It is difficult always to accept reality. With your effort and available resources and normal intelligence whatever possible in your way you have done that. So your earning is outcome of your utilization of resources available and your direct intelligence utilized to ensure your productivity. With this input you are supposed to have certain output. So to expect more output with limited input is the point of discontent in life. Once this is learnt or accepted never ever there will be an internal fight rather every situation, every small earning or big earning going to give you happiness because you started to accept and adapt the outcome in your benefit.

You might not get everything you fight for is true and valid if you are not manipulative and you are a normal human being. Manipulators fight to get everything possible and by any means. When your process of accumulation to make yourself rich sidelined all values, suddenly you find societal revolt against these accumulators of resources, money, power and society automatically stabilizes either throwing out few from power centers or many a times punishing or killing greedy personalities. Then the other part of quotation seems so true, that is, everything we get will be a fight, truly is a fight.

This is what we observed in Middle Eastern counties, result is in front of us and still they are believing in whatever you get is fight and fight is on to get what they want. Entire humanity spoiled and great civilization ruined in dust with fights to get everything they want to and determined to get that killing thousands. Not only Middle East but everywhere in world the same believe system is continuing and seems not going to end ever.

Hence for survival of human civilization our believe system needs to have a drastic change. Do not divide this human kingdom in name of religion. Do not enforce your religious believe system on other or other countries. Do not divide or create various inter religion sects. If you are a Hindu or Muslim, you are simply Hindu or Muslim as per your religious believe. Don’t try to thrust I am great and my God is great. Let your God is great along with my God. That’s has to be accepted and needs to be accepted as-fast-as possible before further damage. Let our complex caste system evolve and simplified. Let these religious preachers be educated and learn humanity first then religion. I get perplexed seeing the behavior of entire world. Have you all forgotten the death of Alan Kurdi, little boy, drowned in Mediterranean Sea, Have you forgotten thousands died in poisonous gas in Syria, have you forgotten worldwide hostages beheaded by ISIS or Malaysians missing aircraft still there is a wait in family, 170 death in Muscow theater attack and numerous vehicle stampede, knife attacks and in my own country Kashmiri pundits death in Kashmir and thereafter complete ethnic cleansing and still struggling to return back to their homeland. Have we all forgotten Somali civil war and atrocities of Al-Shabaab. Have we all forgotten death of thousands in Ethiopia, Eritrean war, have we forgotten Bangladesh independence and atrocities on entire population? If I can start counting all these human losses and tragedy then it will be a never ending list. But we citizens of various countries still searching answers to these conflicts and we could never find answer to these conflicts or solutions to these issues.  

Yes entire world indulged in various atrocities which could have been avoided for peaceful coexistence but unfortunately we are not learning from our past mistakes. Even Covid pandemic when stalled entire world, still there is political fight amongst us and we are not united. Let good sense prevail to avoid future holocaust. Let’s emerge as a society together and everything we want to get can be possible without a fight, peacefully with great human values.

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