Grateful for Opportunities

Few days back I joined my new company to take newer assignment in lockdown period. Grateful for opportunity, to come out from comfort zone and do something different and evolve as a human being. Accepted this challenge to lead a young and big team as a team Builder and leader. Is it easy to lead a team in this critical phase where job of your team is to visit to your customers and promote benefit of your products to generate business? One may say what’s difficult in this to generate business and you can reach customer over telephone or video conferencing. It was difficult earlier as our believe system always encouraged us to meet and greet people in person to create a human relationship. Not much help taken earlier of all the gadgets available however it is a reality in my own place and work environment now. Need adaptability and we are ready for the same.

Yes community gradually venturing into digital phase and adapting all this technology which was difficult earlier. But not now. This difficult phase created a situation which forced everyone to adapt and move ahead. Before pandemic telemedicine was a platform for only rich patients and those can afford. Overnight everybody understood the benefit of telemedicine. Virtual clinics, e-appoint, e-consultation, cashless transaction and e-promotion is going to stay and flourish. Faster business platforms adapt it is better for them otherwise they will certainly left behind in the race.

Just going through an article how India will be the next manufacturing hub and how we can manage our growth and our setbacks once this lockdown phase is over. Yes that is possible in India as we fought this pandemic and we could able to control the infection compare to many developed countries with our limited resources. Certainly we are more immune to virus compare to many other countries.  They say it is our climatic advantage along with simple living and simple food habits and our cooking style will be of immense help. Behind everything our culture and tradition which makes this county moving for thousand years without dumping its identity against odds.

Difficult phase requires enormous amount of compassion and patience to encourage individuals to carry positivity along with them. When your neighbors are infected and quarantined and from distance you only can counsel and console them, death in family where you cannot even allowed to give your last respect and can’t visit to crematorium,  there is some bold human being who come forward and take charges in this phase to console each of them. He or She may be tremendous pain but keeping everything inside they face the challenges and manage everything. In good times anyone can lead and bring you success. Difficult times required extraordinary leaders those who can carry the team with them in path of success. Probably this pandemic is one of its kind in my life time which has forced me re-think and change as fast as possible in all aspects like personal, social and professional.

I am sure once we overcome this phase and get liberty to breathe openly without protection of mask, will be a re-birth for entire mankind. Trust which has shattered will again rebuild. Again we all can believe in our ability and willingness to grow and empower society. However we must admit that virus of milimicron can infect us and can kill millions within no-time, unless we engage and develop lifestyles that can protect us. If a Bat bird can carry these viruses, developed immune system to fight, we human beings can develop immunity to those viruses provided we do not disturb the habitats and we do not kill and eat them We also can take action in all these biological workstation those in the name of protecting mankind may be involved in some kind of weapons of mass destruction. It is always said, give liberty, space and peace of mind to individual to produce result for you, same way let’s liberate our planet from complicated pathways to much simpler one for our own survival.

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