Yes, long years of togetherness. 22nd years of marriage anniversary. Thought to write and dedicate my love to my lovely wife in a different way. She knows I love to write and express. Though my marriage is of 22 years but wonderful relationship is almost 24 years. Our bond of marriage has traveled this journey of 22 years. Gives immense sense of satisfaction. We traveled together this long journey. Difficult to express even how much I love her because in all my difficulties she stood like pillar to support me.

Yes we blessed with two lovely kids and they are grown up quite well too. Sensible and matured and moreover good human beings which I always wanted both of them should be. Sense of belongingness and a culture of caring, sharing, humble with humility. Both my kids grown up now and they don’t forget our anniversary to express their lovely wishes to feel both of us proud.

It is indeed a quite satisfactory journey of togetherness and we simply enjoyed this journey. No such big planning and very simple way of living that’s given both of us happiness to live together and managing family so well.

I am sure our love and affection and respect towards each other will only grow with passing time and many more anniversary to be celebrated in this journey of life. May God bless mankind and our family.

Published by Simply Human!!

"Simple human being with human values"

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