Elixir of Life…

Morning tweet to my friends, I suggested let’s forget religion and politics, consciously for few month and make this world beautiful even during Covid time.

Yes I really mean it when I say so. This is not first time told or I am not the patent holder for the statement that I am saying this. There is a reason why I say so. Life became hell out of politics and politics became a deadly corona combo when mixed with religion. We trumpeted religion though so many religious leader and almost all of them failed to unite society rather I found there is a competition amongst themselves to strengthen their clans and ultimately it is class of clans only rather religion.

Has anyone understood what religion is? Believe me very few. Obviously one can ask why I can say so with so much conviction and confidence. Let me prove same that we do not understand religion independently as a seeker or tried to understand through religious teachers. So religion a subject of love, sacrifice, empathy, trust, and help became more harmful rather making individual’s good Samaritan. Reason is our religion has not getting evolved and we still follow age old traditions and continually following same without even thinking whether it is good at current scenario or not. Many now come forward and argue that no dear my understating about religion is poor so I am spending time teaching other about religion. If my understanding about a religion is really poor let it be as even I am fifty years old I am happy and enjoying my religious believe without interference or superimposing my thoughts to other. For me religion has simply helped to become a simply human and that’s encouraged me design my blog and give my site name simplyhuman.in. As many a times I narrated my job profile allow me to mix with varieties of people across religion and many a times with discussions, apart from my business discussions, we have congruence opinion about religion. However my observation suggest when those individual left you and your peer group where all sorts of good thoughts and knowledge shared and floated and discussed, argued however agreed, they behave differently when you again meet them after few days or month. Interestingly they say let’s not discuss politics or religion and let’s talk sense and business only.

This statement of let’s talk business rather politics or religion means keeping issues under carpet. Like volcanic eruption these emotions erupted out once in a while in-terms of communal hatred, loot, murder and subsides gradually to be erupted again. Now seriously think why and where this simple thoughts and simple living getting distorted. Who is distorting these thoughts? Why this emotional outburst in society if we understand religion?  

Then comes politics. Can anyone say what benefit society as a whole we got believing or showing our affinity to any political ideas? I am not a political science student to understand scientific activity of politics but those are political science students and those are professor of political science must revisit their study table even they passed out long back. None of them could able to create a cohesion in society but their study created serious difference in opinion in society and that understanding gap is increasing day by day and probably cross its limit of elasticity and may not return back to reshape societal political coherence. So to whom we should blame? To all those leaders called them great political leaders and dividing society as per their convenience and thinks suits to them only or we as a society without understanding benefit creating the process through mandate. I’ve lost confidence in those process after going through all these episodes of corruption and that is forcing me to rethink, re-strategize our processes so that we can establish correct political setup. As a society let’s evolve and create a process where elected leaders must behave as per the developmental milestones designed and with accountability rather ideas is only to divide and conquer. Let’s individually do something great if we really want to bring changes, peace and harmony in society.

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