Morning web meeting was in time and usually we discuss current business trend and way out during this covid-19 phase. Understood and taken note and thought to call it a day rather stretching meeting.

Closed my laptop and wanted to take a break from thinking this issues repeatedly without having any concrete answer to problems.

  • Question arises, when this lockdown phase will be over?
  •  Till this is over what we can plan to do?
  • Can we plan virtual activity to engage few customers?
  • Do we have action plan ready to address immediate post lockdown phase?
  • Action points once lockdown completely over and thereafter follow ups.

Easy to mention but so difficult to find answer to this speculative points. All are interlinked and if one is not addressed properly next phase seems difficult to progress.

In this crucial phase managing a company is so difficult. Almost a month like my company there are many those who have completely shut down their operation. Manufacturing stopped, marketing stopped, logistics stopped. So with limited resources, there will be cash crunch and unless there is liquidity to manage team functioning is really difficult.

They say you need crunch time in your life that cleanse your soul and system. Probably this time was awaited in mankind to think and learn and strategize future endeavors. No one ever predicted a pandemic of this nature even though we have gone through few like Spanish Flu and Ebola. Covid-19 simply beat them all. Not only infected but created a society where mankind started believing a defeat even though few wonderful organization still in process to find vaccine to contain this virus.

Friends, water bubble bursts. Our pretty economic adventure got stalled. Except Chinese we do not see major economic to bounce before a substantial time period. This is time I believe lets strengthen each other hand. Let’s cooperate each other both internally and externally to fight back. Thousands and thousands are already jobless. Everyday morning I am hearing the plight of daily workers. Unless we come forward and support can we overcome this phase. With such difficult question in mind I thought let me close this note for my readers to guide and help society and poor economic strata wherever they are and whichever way they want to help them. Let’s join hand to overcome this phase.  

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