Tempo in Life.

I am busy for few days in my professional assignment hence missed few days in blog calendar to remain blank. Yeah doesn’t look nice but that’s reality. Your livelihood and your hobby always clash. Many a times livelihood wins compare to hobby. After 9 long year’s association with one Organization, I decided to leave and join a new segment of business to find something new as I was started feeling complacent and no more current profile was encouraging me to think better and produce better.

So last two days my induction is happening to gel with this new marking team those who are roaring to fight market leaders. Isn’t it always a pleasure in giving shape to some untouched, deshaped, spoil canvas? The way artist join dots to give shape to his creative ideas, in leadership point of view same way a leader give shape to a new team by joining their thoughts and bringing a cohesion leads to congruence.

So what I decided today let me start my day little early so that in fresh mind I must write something that’s gives me pleasure and motivates me to think better. Morning messenger call from one of my from US also encouraged to wake-up early. Wanted to know when I changed and took this new assignment. Curious all my friends too. Always difficult to move out from comfort zone and start from scratch again. So for many of us it is better to continue and build castle but for me once I built something I need newer things to build again. Let’s the occupant enjoy my creation and that’s encourages me rethink, re-strategize, re-shape newer ideas and set tune to a new tempo in life. Like a straight line in ECG shows no electrical activity in brain which we call brain death, I’ve promised to my life don’t expect a straight line. This has to be full of challenges and my life has to adjust with same.

Little concerned with this viral episodes and till date we as a society finding it difficult to contain same. We are not expecting soon any virustatic or virucidal though entire medical fraternity across globe is trying hard to something to immunize society and protect mankind. I can’t speak about other countries but in India my countrymen always find some ways and means to disobey govt order and many of us never listen and we behave the way we find suitable and comfortable for us and we define them as our birth right which has been empowered us by our democracy and constitutional power. So in democratic setup you will always find difference of opinion in everything. Top of it so many political parties in our country so it is bound to have difference in opinion. Don’t know that’s great or worst but my observation suggest it is the only thing which is pulling this country down as there is no cohesion in thought process at all. Ruling parties they believe they are born to lead and others are bullshit and opposition as-usual born to oppose anything and everything your government decides. So this abnormal alignment in our society is pulling this country back. Rather progressing unitedly we remain there where we were and except limited verticals, we are not at all growing exponentially which everybody expects from us to grow being a young country.

Religion plays important role and no doubt about same in society. But as there are plenty of religion, cast and creeds, languages, dialects so difference in opinion bound to happen. We are learning no doubt and we also finding examples in other democratic setup to give some newer ideas to progress as a nation even though we are the largest democracy in World. I hope we will succeed in same and certainly we will fine tune chords to make symphony of life. Society evolves when a leader sets a perfect tempo to listen, dance, enjoy and progress. Expecting same from my countrymen and let my country do well and be the best always from our better.  

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