Three things learnt!!

It is not difficult for anyone to write. Provided one must try. Once you are ready with your laptop and word file open then automatically your finger starts describing something. Yes if you love to listen slow music or love to have a hot cup coffee or tea to enable your mind to focus and concentrate on some subject then its good. Otherwise you can have great blend of scotch like great writer Khuswant singh always do while writing to make himself submerged in topics of interest.

Yeah my instrumental music is on and that’s giving a soothing effect with a hot cup of coffee and snacks served by my darling. Several round of telephone calls in-between with friends giving little exercise to my vocal cord. Profession I am in usually my day starts with a meeting and day ends with days summery and discussion as long as your body permits to talk to others.

Some great changes has happened in last few days. Barring few calls from close circles almost all official calls dropped dramatically. Few video meetings and that to for a short period of time then it is your time to think and do something constructive. Enjoy time with grown up kids and listen to them, encourage them to indulge in some other activity apart from their study is always good as long as they buy your thoughts.

How human lifestyle changed during this lockdown period that’s what I was thinking and trying to recollect all those activities I was doing before and comparing same with phase going through now. At least 9 to 10 hours I was away from home for my work. Not less than 15 to 20 contacts to touch and discuss about your business proposition. Sometimes you skip lunch and late dinner and weekend party with alcohol and cigarettes. Extreme pollution in township, nasty traffic rush to maneuver while returning back to your home was part and parcel of life. Never ever thought I will get a phase like this to think and find myself which was completely lost somewhere to achieve objective set in business and for reward and recognition.

Yes earning is required and also reward and recognition. But not at the expense of sacrificing everything. Own human nature to call a human being probably gone missing and this lockdown due to covid-19 episode almost forced human civilization to think again the human aspect of life. Can’t say about others but learnt how to manage with less. Give respect to food items that’s arranged in great difficulties during this time. Talking to own pets as if they understand your sentiments and they also started behaving more friendly seeing you with them for more time and getting a smell of your body and trusting you. Both my rabbits now coming to me and sitting in my lap and sleeping with a trust which developed just within this period.

Many things covid-19 taken away from us. Economics gone, business gone, friends gone and gone so many human being those could have lived for little more in their life. But phase forced human society to learn three things even more, 1. Be human 2. Be humble 3. Be spiritual.  Lastly as Jane Goodall suggested do not interfere in animal kingdom. Don’t destroy their habitat. Don’t kill them and let all counties unitedly ban wildlife markets and don’t eat them like demon and stop viruses to jump to human.

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