New World!!

Not me alone awaiting something new to happen. Don’t want to take name of the infection which 165 countries going through now. How can we narrate the loss that has happened? Countries after countries, state after state, city after city infected and confined themselves behind their own gates. Locked down and afraid to move out apprehending to get infected. Even though someone is courageous to go out and explore but he or she must remember you might not be living for yourself only. There is someone somewhere dependent on you and your loss is irreparable.

Even in this tragedy mind ask how such advanced human community like us became so helpless? How a countries new year eve turned massacre for world. How food habits of one nation impacting now a days to others even far continents are not untouchable. Span of few days and month like eclipse this effect covered all nations and rays of hope diminished gradually forcing all nations to simply surrender and await something to happen good in future. I had gone through that period when our soldiers died during Kargil conflict and we didn’t have enough coffins with us to transport dead bodies to their respective homes for a respectful burial. Never wanted to see that again in this life. Seeing death and no’s even we can’t arrange a respectful burials for them. Own family members afraid and dead body lying in street in many countries and mass burial happening to protect rest of alive human beings.

It is almost 30 days of my life gone when every minute of human life is precious. I am happy that till now I am safe and spending time with my family. Keeping frustration and fear inside trying to encourage them, motivate them so that my kids can go through this phase without much difficulties. I’ve gone through major part of my life but worried for them, their future, their well-being, their happiness and their world.

Let there be a new beginning and new world where we can have control against this deadly diseases. Let us come together and join hand and throw all our enmity aside to find a solution for our newer generations

Published by Simply Human!!

"Simple human being with human values"

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