Not because I am following Discover Prompts so that getting a clue to write and kept the title as “Scent”, however any good picture I see which narrate me a story, I try to give a shape in composing my thoughts.  If I can touch readers internal chord through my writing probably that will be best thing I shall be doing in regular basis. I must confess these are stories which I am trying to narrate as if I am the character whereas reality is no way I am even close to the character and story narrated here is only for my readers. Yes learning the art of storytelling to reach you all.

It was my birthday. Rather I invite her for a dinner it was me who was invited for a dinner and everything was arranged, settled in an ambiance beyond my imagination. Half past 7pm in the evening, drizzling a bit outside which I can see through glass window of my office building. I can see the drops travelling against distance neon lights, swinging in breeze and dying to reach destination in 7th cross black pitch road of official complex.  Mesmerizing and loved waiting to see the dancing and swinging of water droplets when my phone ranged and it was her, waiting in basement.

Wanted to drive but She refused and drove herself giving a feeling of really a birthday boy and since morning all human beings behavior is so attractive and lovable making me speechless and happy. We drove and occasional honking from behind though essential but irritating in such a widened road. No word spoken except a birthday wish as if waited till we reach restaurant for candlelit dinner.

Almost 30min drive from office and we reached in our destination crisscross-symphony. Left car for parking and straight we proceed to our booked table. Little behind I observed her and her happiness in arranging everything for me with such perfection. Mesmerizing and speechless I followed her to table without even a single word to allow this happy moment simply sink in and stay within.

I was looking towards her before she ordered cake for me to celebrate my birthday. With the arrival of cake She advised hotel staff not to make it a big fuss rather allow us to celebrate in our own way without disturbing other guests around. Thinking how possessive she is about me and how much caring and giving so much perfection to all details to enjoy the moments to its fullest. Cut the cake without more delay and helped her to took a piece and awaiting a piece for me from her hand and that happen with a lovely affectionate kiss in forehead. Glass clinked with Champaign and my stomach was full with the affection and love shown by her.

Dinner over and we took a little walk in empty road to smell the scent of evening flowers just blossomed and freshen up with light drizzling and spreading fragrance to take my heart to a complete bliss!!. She drove me back to home and I was in my flash back of events happened in evening when car stopped in front of our home.

Before I enter into room she opened her handbag to give this purple bottle of scent needs to be untied and splashed to take both of us to eternity.

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