Evening little early I returned back to my room. Immensely satisfied day professionally however personally I was little tensed because last few days I didn’t here from her to understand situation at her end.

Slowly left my room and started walking to nearby sea beach which is not far from my room for a fresh air and find solace from the place where I spent almost entire leisure hours I get out of my hectic work schedule. Difficult to say why I love the place so much but evening fresh air, less crowded place, distance seagull whispers and my favorite place to sit with a cold beer in hand.

Few sips of beer and lost in my world to recollect wonderful moments spent with her in this beautiful place and feeling lonely today, without her. Told me that She is going for few days to her native place for some personal work. Normally we do not stay away from each other even though we work for different companies and in different sector. Evening usually we meet to return back to home together and to a place which we call home.

It is a living relationship for couple of years and even we wanted to convert same to a marriage for societal and family approval, hiccups in both the end making it unnecessarily delayed which making both of us strong in our commitments towards each other.

Wanted to spent some more time in thought process but evening swelling tides touched my feet to wake me up. Could clearly see evening glittering stars even though far away from me. Distance rhythmic bell sounds from temple along with prayer automatically made me surrender to almighty to sick blessing for mankind. I didn’t ask almighty anything for me or for my beloved. Only thing I always pray let this society behave sensibly so that everything existed in universe look beautiful, peaceful, and wonderful. 

Carrying sandals in my hand started slowly to walk in evening wet sand to leave my footprints so that I can come again to search them, to find them, to play with them.

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