Emptiness within.

Empty roads from my high rise building defining sadness, emptiness, sorrow and helplessness. As if this picture is self-sufficient to describe its story without help of anyone to pen down. Almost 25 days in home which this virus has given to all of us.  Wherever you go you must follow new order which is now a norm almost everywhere. Namaste from distance is the new way of greetings and that’s followed now by entire world. Of course Namaste is not new to us but this social distancing is new order and that’s creating some kind of emptiness within. Human society for survival must follow this social distancing and who knows this distancing which we call it now social may remain a word only without proper meaning of social or making us sociable.

Phone call from anyone is now a ritual to ask “is everything ok at your end”, No’s increasing or decreasing and whether people following basic rules or not. There is no doubt an unknown fear is in every bodies mind. We engage ourselves in different activities so that our mind must not think about this deaths happening around. Keeping quite means pictures of tragic end of many life is dancing in mind. Not only we are putting pressure on us, body language is reflecting some negative energy and that may harm our younger kids. For them something has gone wrong and now it is a summer holiday and along with their online classes they are getting time to watch TV, listen music and spending time with friends over phone and video calling. But as a parent you understand difficulties ahead. How can you sustain if this continues for a longer period of time. What about your job? How your company gong to behave in this extraordinary painful time?  If anything happen to you or you get infected how your family going to manage same. Sitting in terrace looking as far as I can trying to cool myself and helping to enjoy the emptiness. To find little solitude previously I used to spend money to go far away from hustle bustle of city life.  But this silence and solitude probably is too long to manage and may create other additional health issues if situation not revived early.

Wish to see normalcy as early possible. Let’s go to work, let’s enjoy company of friend’s, nearer and dearer. Which we all are missing since long. Oh god listen to prayer of entire universe and bless and help us to overcome this tragic phase. Give us power and courage to lead a normal life after this curse phase is over. Allow us to turn this concrete jungles to home again and have sound sleep after days hectic work.

Published by Simply Human!!

"Simple human being with human values"

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