Journey is ON.

Who doesn’t want to see Happiness across? Who doesn’t want see other’s Happy? Then what restrict to bring happiness and make others cheerful at-least? I owe to almighty for life given and for the wonderful profession assigned. Tremendous opportunity in meeting so many new identities and taking an initiation to develop a wonderful relation with them is not only challenging but satisfying in many aspects.  

After 9 long years of association with my current organization I thought time has come to say good bye to find a new challenge which will enhance my skills further. Every minute and second was enjoyable and learning curve was great for me in current assignment. However before complacency sets in and create distraction I took this challenge of finding new assignment which will create enthusiasm and force me to think better. They say necessity is the mother of all inventions. However challenging your current status quo helps you to invent yourself more. Doing same thing repeatedly makes you perfect in your work however newer dimension is don’t allow yourself to be perfect as that feeling of perfect means you put yourself in some closed bracket rather fight to better the best always.  

In life probably nothing is wrong or nothing is right in absolute terms. Sometimes your decision gets good result for your organization and for you and sometimes it’s not. However one should try always to give or do best. Evening I was going through a book where I found, “Operational excellence of your company only benefits you till that’s not copied or implemented by your competitor in totality”. Probably that’s the reason many Japanese established companies struggling today as their effectiveness being copied by many other companies worldwide and they lost competitiveness. So evolution process is continuous and you can’t sit in rest even you reached top.  In marketing when operational excellence is being followed by most of your competitors and product line is almost same, benefits to customers equal then what’s newer thing one need to adapt to create a differentiation? If the same can be correlated with human life, then we may earn plenty, we may reach top of world but internally we r t not have satisfaction unless we create our own identity. That’s the process probably every individual must think and find answer in their profession or personal journey.

Last two decades of successful journey in life compelling me to take action today so that coming decade or two of my journey, both professional and personal, must be ensured successful. My believe system encourage me to create future leaders as they are our tomorrow. Unless you produce young Turks those who are absolutely not afraid to take challenges in this century then coming years may not yield you great result. Once you are successful in doing that don’t sit in that position rather find a way out and find something new for yourself. My Journey is on and it will continue to create better human being and better leaders for my industry and for my profession which I love most.

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