Newness in Life.

Like many of you I too inside my home and awaiting things to be changed so that we all can go out and start our work the way we were doing before.

Simple isn’t it? Yes it was simple few days back. What so great about this proposition? But ask anyone now. This optimistic speculation of re-starting our work in coming few days is not substantially creating optimism and reply to the same is not that convincing from anyone. True situation is as such where no one can say anything. Almost all of us facing same issues of infection and impossible task ahead rather than controlling no’s which can create a bit enthusiasm.

Even then there is ray of hope. Hope to overcome this tragedy. Hope to forget the loss and zoom ahead in life. Hope to rebuilt as a family, as a society, as a country. Many of us started rethinking and given enough time for a soul searching. Mistakes we were doing as a society and we should and we must avoid the same in future is what going to make all of us more intelligent and brilliant to face challenges in our life. Mandatory to travel to attain meeting, must come for project meeting as without one-to-one discussions we may not get satisfactory conclusion. We need to meet and decide road-map ahead. Let’s spend some quality and productive time together to find a new solutions, Lets brainstorm to find newer ideas. These types and category of mails seems lost it relevance once this corona phase is over.

Certainly we will be traveling but less. Means more time, money & energy saving. Meaningless meetings will be losing its significance. Unnecessary stay, traveling, fooding everything seems to be revisited again to remind us that yes same productivity can also be possible with low expenses. There are sector where it is not possible to change but they are also going to give a look how to manage show as loss is so huge during this phase that extravagant leverage to find easy solutions to a difficult problems seems gone. Techno savvy will be no more words or to show others gadgets rather one must be proficient to use technology in day to day basis to enjoy or score points above competition.  In one to one business deals or interactions where physical presence is a must there will be less time available. Hence one need to have improved skills for business proficiency. Overall this lockdown phase though taken many things away from us, forced us to be more skillful, knowledgeable, smart and humble. Let us utilize this worst phase to restructure, re-emerged stronger than before.   

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