Your Blessings!!


Good Evening.

I am in Indore during this lock-down phase and from Balcony I thought to take the picture of this beautiful temple Shri Vaishnav Dham. Last few days no one allowed to visit or roam around in street. Hardly 1 km away from my home but taking blessing of almighty from distance. Lonely roads, no commuters and somewhat feeling restless inside own home. 

These viral episodes and suffering of mankind is probably a signal which need to be read and understood. Thousands and thousands died in so called developed countries. As a developing country it is obvious we can not manage the rudra rupa,(Devastating) phase. Entire system challenged. Entire society feeling helplessness. Top of it religious congregation, spreading infection to almost length and breadth of country astoundingly forced to think what are we doing? Entire human civilization is at risk and if this type of episodes continued every year then who knows how many of us survive to think for future. 

Surrender yourself completely to almighty. Take his blessing and lets change our way of living the way we are doing now. May God Bless us!! 

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