New Horizon

Lockdown encouraged to learn something new which i never tried before. Website domain purchase whether it is go daddy or WordPress. Learning basics and utilizing features given inside to explore and project some newer ideas seems interesting. However without basic technical knowledge it seems difficult and same work needs to be done by experimenting and learning the art of placing modules and blocks as it is called in WordPress. I am having no coding knowledge so utilizing this platform to design my own a bit difficult. Still continuing with the experimentation so that I can learn and utilize time.

Yesterday in India almost all states agreed to increase the lockdown period till end of April’20.  Means it is almost 20 more day one need to sit in home and not allowed to go outside. In India we are observing the death toll in US, UK, Spain, Italy & France. This dance of death in human civilization never observed before. In wartime it was and it is a maniac behavior to kill your enemies. But today we simply get infected with contacts of unknown infected person and wait to die if not taken care off by health care practitioners. We have money, time, facility and what not but lack of treatment option or vaccine to prevent or certain protocol to cure yourself seems a distant dream. Matter getting more worsen with geo-political tussle between countries and it is difficult to understand whether this virus taken life of few millions is manmade or infected by animal flesh eaters.

Question arises, if this is manmade then what? And if this is infected by animal meat or bat bird or any abnormal eating habits by human society then what? No more one can say it is personal rituals, traditions or inherited cultures. One is having no right to say so in today’s world as entire world is one now. This universe is ours. Its protection is our responsibility. Saving our next generation is our duty. Human civilization travelled long distance and achieved so many glorious moments during this journey. This can’t be trashed or erased by few in-sensible countries or abnormal human behavior.

Unitedly need to re-think way forward. All these viruses given to us from animals by human those having animal tendency and behavior. Never been to these medieval places where they eat all stuffs available in universe. Not going to give examples as thinking same making me sick. Hence can we have worldwide protocol for food habits? Can all countries follow same? If not followed then what action needs to be taken against them. Who is going to take this action? Can we be united in this subject or behave the way we are behaving now and become history. This initiation needs to be begin today and from now. Eat sensibly, work sensibly and behave sensibly has to be our new mantra. You can’t eat for your pleasure to extinct others. Your new-year must not be a doomsday for others. Your pleasantries must not be a curse for others. Your deadly viruses must not be source of our death. Before human civilization extinct, let’s take a call today for a new horizon and a better world.

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